The globalstats_profile_city method allows you to get all public information about a specific city ID.

Input parameters:

city_idthe ID of the city
language(optional) EBT language code, defaults to "en" (English); please see the EBT website for a list of available languages
time_offset(optional) offset from UTC in winter time, defaults to 2 (i.e. UTC+2 / EET)

The language and time_offset parameters allow you to localize some data, e.g. show the country name in your language or the timestamp of the city's last activity adjusted to your timezone. By default the data is presented in English and with a Finnish timestamp. Please note that the server is honoring European daylight saving time, so the time offset doesn't have to be adjusted if you're from a country with similar summer time rules.


An associative array containing the following elements:

dataan associative array containing information about the city:
- city_id
- city_namenative name
- city_name_translated
- country_nameEnglish name
- country_name_translatedlocalized country name
- first_seen_timestamp
- first_seen_timestamp_adjusted
- last_active_timestamp
- last_active_timestamp_adjusted
- latitude
- longitude
- latlong_qualityenumeration: 0 = exact, 1-9 = interpolated at various degrees (higher == worse, >8 may be outright wrong), -1 = no coordinates found;
currently always 3 since we simply average the coordinates of all subsumed locations
- total_notes
- total_hits
- total_usersnumber of users which set their default location to this city
- total_visitorsnumber of users which entered notes in this city
- region1_iddata of region level 1 subsuming this city (NULL if not applicable)
- region1_name
- region1_name_translated
- region2_iddata of region level 2 subsuming this city (NULL if not applicable)
- region2_name
- region2_name_translated
- region3_iddata of region level 3 subsuming this city (NULL if not applicable)
- region3_name
- region3_name_translated

If there is no city with the requested id the data array is empty.


Current version: 1

Previous versions: -none-

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