Hello and welcome to the EBT API!

The API currently allows you to perform the following tasks:

User context:

This functionality is only available to registered and logged in EBT users. You have to authenticate in order to use any of these API methods. Use the login API method and provide the acquired session ID to all further calls. If the call fails (e.g. when the authentication check fails) the API will return a plain false.

Global context:

These functions are available to everyone. Logged in users may have more data available to them though. See the documentation of the individual methods for details.

To access the API simply call https://api.eurobilltracker.com and provide the following parameters:

m method name
v method version
PHPSESSID session id

All returned data is JSON and UTF-8 encoded. All input parameters must be properly encoded.


https://api.eurobilltracker.com/?m=<method name>&v=<version>&PHPSESSID=<session id>

See the documentation of the individual API methods for details.


The entire API is also accessible by HTTP, i.e. http://api.eurobilltracker.com/..., but deprecated. Using HTTPS is strongly encouraged, especially for the login method.

API release history

2017-10-01Logins are allowed only over HTTPS
2011-11-233 new API functions: globalstats_profile_city, globalstats_profile_region and globalstats_profile_country which allow you to retrieve public city/region/country data
2011-10-242 new API functions: globalstats_profile_note and globalstats_profile_user which allow you to retrieve public note/user data
2011-09-30API is now available via HTTPS which also becomes the default protocol
2011-01-25Updated method sessioncheck
2010-12-21Updated method login; new methods logout and sessioncheck
2010-12-01Initial release