The Insertbills method allows you to insert notes into EBT.

Each submission must contain a location (city, postal code, country combination) and the actual notedata. You may enter up to 25 notes at once; each note being defined by a denomination, serial number, printer code (shortcode) and an optional comment.

We recommend that you POST the data to avoid the request length limit of GET.

Input parameters:

city city name; max length 100 chars
zip postal code; max length 50 chars
country country name (in English); please see the country filters used throughout the EBT website for a list of valid values
denominationX 0 <= X < 25
commentX (optional); max length 500 chars; no linebreaks or non-printable chars allowed


An associative array containing the submission results for every entered note. Each entry is named noteX, X corresponding to the line number you defined for the note, and is itself an associative array consisting of the following elements:

serial the submitted serial number
denomination the submitted denomination
status A status code indicating whether the bill was successfully entered or an error was encountered. Multiple errors are encoded bitwise, e.g. an invalid printer code and country would result in error 20 (= 4 | 16). Every error (i.e. status > 1) is fatal, meaning the note was not entered.
Possible status codes:
    - 0 OK, no hit
 - 1 OK, hit
 - 2 bad denomination
 - 4 bad country
 - 8 bad serial
 - 16 bad printer code
 - 32 missing city name or postal code
 - 64 user already entered this note
 - 128 user already entered this serial number
 - 32768 invalid serial number or an invalid printer code for this denomination
billId (optional) contains the new note ID if the note was successfully entered OR the old note ID if this note has already been entered by the user
alreadyDate (optional, on error 64 or 128) contains the timestamp when you already entered this note or serial number
alreadyDenom (optional, on error 128) contains the denomination you used to enter this serial number in the past


Current version: 1

Previous versions: -none-

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