The MyCities method allows you to retrieve all cities you entered notes from.

Please note that this method operates on location data as entered by the user. E.g. if you enter notes from Wien, Austria and Vienna, Austria these notes will both be subsumed under the official city profile but both locations will show up in the data returned by this method.

Input parameters:

comment (optional) if provided only cities where you entered notes matching this comment will be returned


An associative array containing the following elements:

data an associative array containing information about the found cities:
    - city location name as entered by you
 - country location's country as entered by you
 - top_zipcode the postal code you used to enter the most notes from this city; please note that the comment filter is applied before determining the top zipcode
 - nrlocations the number of locations (zipcodes) you used to enter notes from this city
rows the number of cities
cached internally used by EBT, ignore it
stored internally used by EBT, ignore it
timeout internally used by EBT, ignore it


Also have a look at the advanced and expert note entering form where EBT makes use of its own API.

Current version: 1

Previous versions: -none-

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