The Search method allows you to search EBT for user, city and country profiles. All profiles whose name begins with the search term are returned.

This method optionally provides pagination. Use the parameters pp (per page) and c (cursor) to browse through search results.

Input parameters:

find the search term; minimum length 3 characters
what (optional) 1 - only users; 2 - only cities; 3 - only countries; every other value - all profile types
pp (optional) the desired maximum number of results per page; if empty all results will be returned
c (optional) the cursor/requested page starting from 0; e.g. if c=1 and pp=50 the results 51-100 will be returned


An associative array containing the following elements:

users an associative array containing some information about the found user profiles:
    - id userid
 - name username
 - country user's home country
 - active 1 if user has been active in the last 30 days, 0 if not
cities an associative array containing some information about the found city profiles:
    - id cityid
 - city cityname
 - country country this city is associated with
 - babel_constant internally used by EBT, ignore it
 - totalbills number of notes entered in this city
countries an associative array containing some information about the found country profiles:
    - text the name of the country in the user's native language
 - country the ID/English name of the country
nr_users the number of found user profiles
nr_cities the number of found city profiles
nr_countries the number of found country profiles
nr_total nr_users + nr_cities + nr_countries

Please note that each result (users, cities, countries) is paginated separately. Additionally the counters indicating the number of results ignore pagination. If you limit the search result to a specific type (input parameter what) only output relevant to that type of result will be present.


Current version: 1

Previous versions: -none-

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